Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Bridges Together ~ Lifelong Teaching and Learning

Today's Bridges Together lesson involved "Lifelong Teaching and Learning." All Room 20 students and senior volunteers prepared and delivered five-minute lessons to their group members, or shared interesting facts to their group members about a topic meaningful to them. I was amazed at the effort and delivery demonstrated by both the kids and volunteers during this lesson. Teaching and learning included the following:

  • making paper airplanes, paper swans, tissue paper flowers, paper ninja stars, paper fortune tellers, magic paper folders, and book marks
  • drawing a map of the United States
  • playing tennis and lacrosse
  • doing gymastics
  • maneuvering Minecraft
  • understanding Diwali
  • performing Salah
  • learning about dolphins
Enjoy these photos from today's Bridges Together lesson!

Mind Up! Lessons

Yesterday in Room 20, Ms. Flynn, Fox Hill School Psychologist, presented the first of six Mind Up! lessons to Room 20 students. Mind Up! is a program that promotes social and emotional learning and growth for elementary and middle school students. Yesterday's kick-off session focused on learning about the brain. Kids learned that the brain consists of the prefrontal cortex, the amygdala, and the hippocampas. Here are some photos from yesterday's lesson.

Proud Scientists Displaying Their Energy Knowledge

Recently, Room 20 scientists finished our Energy Unit. Throughout the unit, we learned about potential and kinetic energy; different forms of energy (sound, thermal, light, electrical, and motion); and how energy is transferred or changed from one type of energy into another. Our scientists conducted a number of experiments using their new-found knowledge. They also partnered up with fellow scientists to design and create posters showing off their energy knowledge. Here they are smiling for the camera. Enjoy!

Friday, January 26, 2018

4th Grade Chick-Hatching Program

Today, Ms. Pavlicek, from the Burlington Science Center, presented a chick hatching program to all Fox Hill 4th graders. Since Grade 4 classrooms will be getting our chick eggs on Monday, today was a perfect day for students to learn all about eggs and chickens. Students learned the parts of eggs, the process by which chickens lay eggs, and why some eggs produce baby chicks, while others do not. The kids were extremely well-behaved and were great participants during this exciting 45-minute program. Here are some photos from today's program. Enjoy!

Bridges Together ~ Ethnicities, Heirlooms, and Traditions

This week's Bridges' lesson focused on "Ethnicities, Heirlooms, and Traditions." Both students and seniors shared meaningful, thought-provoking stories about their lives, including family background, family gatherings, and valued possessions passed down from generation to generation.

Room 20 students' ancestors span the globe, having emigrated from Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Our diversity strengths us and brings us closer together as a community.

Students and seniors shared a number of meaningful heirlooms, including jewelry, sterling silver candle holders, a Christening gown, a stuffed bear, photographs, stories, an afghan, a mirror, special recipes, and names. Additionally, one of our senior volunteers shared that he has a complete volume of William Shakespeare's works published in 1890!

Students and volunteers also shared some religious and secular family traditions. Listening to ALL kids and seniors made me realize how important and meaningful these traditions are to them and their family members. Traditions include the following holidays ~ Chanukah, Eid al-Fitr, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Onam, Children's Day, July 4th, and Diwali. In addition, kids shared other traditions ~ summers at Cape Cod, treks to Target, and "feasts at my Dad's restaurant!"

On a personal note, this is my favorite Bridges' lesson in that it provides me an opportunity to know my kids in a more personal way. They love talking about and sharing their stories with each other!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

January 19: Fox Hill Patriots Day ~ Take II

Image result for ne patriots logo

After a thrilling, well-executed game last Saturday night, the New England Patriots continue their quest for a 6th Super Bowl championship this Sunday afternoon as they play the Jacksonville Jaguars for the AFC championship. If they win Sunday, it’s on to Super Bowl LII on February 4th!

Clearly, they won Saturday night in part because of our Fox Hill Patriots Day last Friday. So tomorrow, we'll have another Fox Hill Patriots Day! If you choose to, wear your Patriots shirt, sweatshirt, and hat to school tomorrow. If you don’t have any Patriots gear, then just wear anything red, white, or blue. Go Patriots!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Scholastic Reading Club Book Order ~ January 26

Dear Parents,

I will be submitting this month's Scholastic Reading Club book order on Friday, January 26. If you or your child would like to purchase books this month, you can order them in two ways: (1) by completing the form in any of the flyers I have sent home, and returning the form and payment to Room 20, or (2) by ordering online (


Friday, January 12, 2018

Fox Hill "Family Math Night" ~ Tuesday, January 30

Any Room 20 student who attends will receive a "No Homework Pass," entitling you to "one night of no homework!"