Friday, March 31, 2017

Monday is Red Sox Day at Fox Hill

In recognition of the Red Sox opening game for the 2017 season, Monday, April 3rd, is Red Sox Day at Fox Hill. So, students, if you have any Red Sox gear, please wear it to school on Monday. If you don't, then just wear something red! Go Sox!!!!

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Another Successful Before School Math Session

This morning, every Room 20 student who was in school today arrived at 7:45 for some extra support in preparation for tomorrow's Topic 10 math test. I was AMAZED that EVERY student came to school early today. This shows student dedication and commitment for succeeding in class. We were joined by 4 of Mrs. Hevey's students for this extra support in working with fractions. Congratulations, 4th graders, for your commitment to succeed!

New Room 20 Classmates

In science this year, one of our units is to study animal and plant structures. As part of this unit, we learn the life cycle of chicks through Burlington's "Chick Hatching Program." Well, I am please to announce that this week, we welcomed new members to Room 20 ~ 6 chicks (5 girls and 1 boy)! They will be with us for just a few days before relocating to the Burlington Science Center. Room 20 students are responsible for taking care of Peep, Buttercup, Lemon, Teddie, Cocoa (our girls) and Archie McPhee (our lone boy) by cleaning out their home (Brooder Box) and making sure they have enough food and water.

The kids love their new classmates and are showing great responsibility in caring for them.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chick Hatching Program

Today, Ms. Pavlicek, from the Burlington Science Center, presented a chick hatching program to all Fox Hill 4th graders. Since Grade 4 classrooms will be getting our chick eggs on Monday, today was a perfect day for students to learn all about eggs and chickens. Students learned the parts of eggs, the process by which chickens lay eggs, and why some eggs produce baby chicks, while others don't. The kids were extremely well-behaved and were great participants during this exciting 45-minute program. Here are some photos from today's program. Enjoy!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Extra Math Support for Today's Topic 9 Test

Last week, I put a call out to all Room 20 students inviting them to come to school early this morning for extra help in preparing for today's Topic 9 math test. Nine of my students (or 9/15 of my class) arrived at 7:45 for help with comparing fractions and adding/subtracting mixed numbers. Here are the Room 20 early risers!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Stream Table Demonstration

Today, Mr. Musselman, from the Burlington Science Center, visited Fox Hill 4th graders to lead a "stream table demonstration" as part of our Weathering and Erosion science unit. During the 45-minute hands-on activity, students recreated models of river systems in table top experiments. The demonstration advanced students’ qualitative understanding of how rivers shape the Earth’s surface while explicitly providing opportunities to develop their science practices such as observation, modeling, and experimentation. Students gained knowledge that the angle and amount of water flow affects the shape of a river and observed the surface features that resulted. Following are some photos of our Room 20 scientists "in action" at today's stream table activity. Enjoy! (Thanks to Mrs. Hevey for serving as today's photographer!)

Scholastic Reading Club Book Order

Hi Parents,

I will be placing a Room 20 Scholastic Book Order on Friday, March 31. You can either order online using our Class Code (NB6B8or send in a completed order form with your child, along with a check (payable to Scholastic, Inc.) for the appropriate amount by March 31.

If you have any questions, please ask.


Monday, March 6, 2017

February Students of the Month

The Room 20 Students of the Month for February are Madison R. and Ryan R. Both Maddy and Ryan showed great "effort" in everything they did throughout the month. I witnessed this in every academic and social interaction they had with teachers and students alike. They were role models all month to their 4th grade classmates, in addition to every other Fox Hill student with whom they came in contact. Congratulations, Maddy and Ryan, for this well-deserved recognition!

Maddy R.
Ryan R.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Grade 5 Fundraiser for the Epilepsy Foundation

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The Fox Hill Grade 5 Student Council Kindness Committee is starting a fundraising campaign to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation. The money raised will support research to treat the disease and find a cure. The committee has several fundraisers planned for the spring. The first is a coin drive beginning Monday, March 6. There are donation bins in each pod and one in the school lobby, as well. Yesterday, two Kindness Committee members made a school-wide announcement about the campaign. We hope you will talk with your child about this worthy cause. Please consider sending your child to school with loose change or a dollar bill to contribute to our fund raiser.

As an incentive, I will match every penny donated by Room 20 students. So, send in that change!