Thursday, June 8, 2017

Family Math Night

Last night, a few dozen Fox Hill students and their parents attended this year's Fox Hill Family Math Night. Kids and their parents (and siblings) played a number of math card, dice, and board games, tackled logic puzzles, and explored ST Math on ipads. Three Room 20 students attended this fun evening ~ Sean C. (and his dad), Pieris F. (and her mom and brother), and Ryan R. (and his mom). Kids had an opportunity to earn decks of cards, dice, and even homework passes. You'll have to check with Sean, Pieris, and Ryan to see what they earned! As an added bonus, kids were asked to estimate the number of counters in a jar. Pieris provided the closest guess to the number of counters in the jar. With a jar of 639 counters, Pieris' guess was an amazing 636 counters! Congratulations, Pieris. And thank you, Sean, Ryan, and Pieris for attending the Fox Hill Family Math Night!


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  2. Thank you for including ST Math as part of Family Math Night! This is a useful resource for parents to take home for the summer: