Thursday, May 11, 2017

Our Luna Moth

Well, Room 20's Luna Moth is nowhere to be found. 😟 When I arrived at school this morning, our friend was no longer hanging onto its cocoon stick. It is most likely somewhere in the classroom, but where?

Here's the Luna Moth Cocoon Timeline:

Last week, Ms. Pavlicek delivered our cocoon to Room 20.

Then yesterday afternoon, at approximately 12:15, the moth began to emerge from its cocoon and pump blood into its wings.

Only 45 minutes later, after pumping some blood into its wings, the moth looked like this:

When I left school yesterday afternoon, its wings had become somewhat bigger. During the night, it must have pumped enough blood in its wings to begin to fly. Unfortunately, this is where the story ends (unless we find the moth hiding somewhere in the classroom). Let's hope we can find our friend and release it outside so it can find a mate. Keep your fingers crossed! 😃

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