Thursday, February 9, 2017

Final Bridges Session

Yesterday, Grade 4 students participated in their final Bridges session of the year. The lesson, How Old is Old?, afforded kids an opportunity to think critically and discuss the similarities and differences between the terms "age" and "old." Based on the hour-long discussion, kids have a solid understanding that "age" is simply a number, while "old" is a relative term that considers one's "state of mind." You're as old (or young) as you feel!

This year's Bridges program was a win-win for students and seniors alike. I marveled at the caring relationships that developed during our six-week journey. Both kids and seniors learned much about their new friends ~ new learnings they will carry with them forever.

While yesterday was the final session of the year, we will be meeting one additional time for our Bridges reunion ~ date and time to be determined.

Below is a group photo of Room 20's 2017 Bridges family. Enjoy!

One of our senior volunteers, Sylvia, missed the last two Bridges sessions due to medical issues. The kids thought it would be fun to create a "get well, we miss you" video for Sylvia. So, here it is!

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